Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anjuli gets Crazy!

So I know I havent updated in really long time but this just had to go up. I knew if I didnt put it up she wouldnt. So she was going to an 80's party and wanted me to dress her. I basically had no supplies to make her look awesome and hardly any time but this was the result. Whats funny is there are all clothes that I wear on a regular basis.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its A miracle...Sierra updated!!!

So these are just a bunch of random pictures of whats been going on this winter...but if you want to see more just check out facebook...there are literally a ton on there =] Love you all

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mom's eating styles vs. Sierra's eating styles

This is how mom eats here ice cream...measured out and calories counted!

And I just eat out of the carton till im done =]

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Update!!

So I know I keep telling you i'll put pics on...i promise I will soon...or if you want to see all of them just go on my facebook....they are all there =] Well my life right now..lets see where to start. I am just working and going to school, PARTYING and playing soccer. I hadnt been playing very well the past few weeks but last night unexpectdley I had to jump into a game because they needed another girl..well it turned out to be good. It was the best game I had played in a while and I made my
2nd goal of the season =]. But the downside to playing is now I have a pulled hamstring and I did something to my knee which I have no idea what...but I guess thats typical with me!!
So my major is definitley NOT going to be health science. I took Sports Medicine this semester and it is really boring, so I guess I got my answer to that not being the career for me. I am now leaning towards History/Political Science, Business(maybe international business) or Rec Management. But I have plenty of time so im am just looking around...I want to work towards law school or something where I can travel the world alot.
So thats pretty much my story right now. Only about 5 weeks left and I AM DONE..well until January =]
Love you all and miss you even more!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update of the Sweet life of Sierra Burton in Rexburg Idaho

So I have not updated you guys in a long time and I do not have time to put all my pictures up at this time but I promise I will soon but I thought I would just give you a quick overview of my awesome life. First of all I am burnt =[ but its okay hopefully it will be tan soon. I am on 2 intermural soccer teams and Sierra is finally in shape =] who knew that after 2 soccer teams and a aerobic class I would finally be in shape again!!! I also just recieved the news that I am going to be in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 (which by the way is going to be in the theaters)...I CANT WAIIITTTT!!!!!!!!! I have awesome friends which you guys will see once I update my pics and a crazy life. Havalah and Brigg are coming to visit me this weekend so I cant wait for that. Also on the weekend of 4th of July I am doing a road trip to DISNEYLANNNDDD...only the happiest place on earth and to top it off I get to learn how to surf...2 dreams in one =] I miss all of you guys so much and I cant wait to see everyone once school gets out...tell the neices and nephews I love them tons and miss them even more! Oh and Joy tell Anne that I am going to be in the movie I bet she will be excited and let Colin Conner and Butterfingers know that when I come visit that I will bring my light saber and we can do some dueling or whatever they call it in star wars.

Friday, March 21, 2008

We Shot the Moon

So WE SHOT THE MOON is now offically my new favorite band. They are not huge yet but they tour the entire country and are awesome.They all are really nice too..talked to them afterwords! They are coming back to Rexburg this summer and I cant wait, actually they are on there way to Seattle for a show tonight =] You guys should definitley check them out!!! The Song playing is them...its an awesome song..not my fav but pretty close up there!

This is Jonathan..lead singer...and amazing piano player =]

Of Course I was up front =]

Friday, March 7, 2008

Most Amazing FHE Group EVER!!!

So this is bits and pieces of my amazing FHE group! Just thought I would share them with you...but stay in touch cause there should be more pictures goin gup soon =]