Saturday, September 8, 2007

Utah Day 2: Pioneer Waterfall

We got wet =]

I was forced into this position!

Being photographed and I didnt even know it

Yes, I am wearing a highschool musical backpack!

This is the one joyest things you get to do when you are way ahead of everyone =]

Making lunch before we head out on our 8-mile hike!

Breakfast time =]

Utah Day 1-Nighttime: Devil's Garden

Brendan (not sure what he was doing), me, David, and Ashley! Just us for were still awake at 1130 pm to go hiking again =]

Thats the big dipper if you cant tell...Brendan was trying to get the stars!

Stargazing: It was so amazing, it was like a picture! You could see everything, the milkyway and ever single star!

I had a really bad headache when we were climbing through these rocks, and it was like 12 am so I was really I probably wasnt very safe but it was tons of fun!

Utah Day 1: Delicate Arch

Look at those guns =]

Pinacle Peak # 2

Sweet stairs!

The Whole crew when we reached the top!