Friday, June 13, 2008

New Update!!

So I know I keep telling you i'll put pics on...i promise I will soon...or if you want to see all of them just go on my facebook....they are all there =] Well my life right now..lets see where to start. I am just working and going to school, PARTYING and playing soccer. I hadnt been playing very well the past few weeks but last night unexpectdley I had to jump into a game because they needed another girl..well it turned out to be good. It was the best game I had played in a while and I made my
2nd goal of the season =]. But the downside to playing is now I have a pulled hamstring and I did something to my knee which I have no idea what...but I guess thats typical with me!!
So my major is definitley NOT going to be health science. I took Sports Medicine this semester and it is really boring, so I guess I got my answer to that not being the career for me. I am now leaning towards History/Political Science, Business(maybe international business) or Rec Management. But I have plenty of time so im am just looking around...I want to work towards law school or something where I can travel the world alot.
So thats pretty much my story right now. Only about 5 weeks left and I AM DONE..well until January =]
Love you all and miss you even more!!!!